stone mosaic

A stone mosaic refers to any beautiful decoration that artists make from stones. These decorations make ideal building materials such as stone tiles. We will discuss more on the benefits of using stone mosaics and the myths surrounding them.

Proven Benefits of Using Stone Mosaics Tiles

  • Reduces accidents

Smooth tiles have lower frictional force hence increasing the risk of accidents. Stone mosaic tiles are slightly rough to lower any undesirable occurrence.

  • Highly durable

Secondly, these types of tiles are highly wear-resistant and thus long-lasting. Additionally, these tiles are pressure resistant to withstand forces such as heavy objects.

  • Decoration

Mosaic tiles are naturally beautiful hence ideal for decorating a house. An artist can design any design they please that best suits your house design. The best part is that the color of all mosaic tiles remains intact for years.

Nowadays, builders use them to decorate stone kitchen benchtops. However, the designs of the wall tiles depend on the target part of the house.

Myths about Mosaic Arts

Unfortunately, some people still believe some absurd myths associated with a stone mosaic. Here are some of the baseless misconceptions that you should never take seriously.

Mosaics have an association with black magic.

Technically, there is no relation between mosaics and black magic. Therefore, it is wrong for anybody to say that anyone that uses mosaic tiles or stones is into sorcery.

stone mosaic

Mosaic arts have many religious and cultural implications

In the past, people would associate mosaic paintings and stone mosaics with religion. The truth is that mosaic art no longer has any cultural or religious significance. People design these pieces of art to decorate a room.

Mosaic acts as a form of deity for some people.

Some people wrongly think that people hang mosaic paintings to serve as a form of god. Romans, Greece, and Egyptians used to worship such pieces of art as they used to consider them gods.

Over time, people dropped this practice to embrace modern Christianity, Islam, and newer religious practice.

Mosaic still symbolises wealth and high status in society.

Honestly, mosaics used to symbolise social and financial status among Romans a few centuries ago. However, that is no longer the case in 2022, as people only use them for decoration purposes.


In closing, we can tell that more people prefer stone mosaic materials such as tiles. That is enough proof that these materials guarantee many merits, such as durability and decorations.