metal roof fall protection

When you’re working or sightseeing at an altitude, metal roof fall protection is useful for preventing injury. If you provide services in construction or are exploring steel roofing as an option, you might need to learn more.

But many people fail to recognize the situations where metal roof fall protection is necessary. If you know someone that specializes in fall arrest systems, it’s worth considering your options.

Consider The Weather

Roof work can be hard enough on a sunny day, but it can be even more difficult when the weather is poor. If you don’t have the right equipment, you could fall off of your roof and injure yourself. If you live in a place where rain, snow, strong winds, and other harsh weather are common, consider fall protection.

Will Your Roof Need Regular Maintenance?

If you’re going to be up on your roof a lot, it’s a good idea to invest in fall protection. It’s safer and can also protect your home from damage that can occur from workers falling off roofs.

If you have a satellite system, solar instalments, skylights, or other items that need constant care, fall protection becomes unavoidable. If you have to climb up and down your roof regularly, it’s a good idea to invest in substantial safety.

metal roof fall protection

Anchors Vs Lifelines

Whether you’re working on a roof or up on a ladder, it’s important to use the right fall protection equipment. Both anchors and lifelines are used for fall protection, but they serve different functions and are used in different environments

Anchors secure workers to the structure that they are working on. This could be a building or a piece of machinery. Lifelines don’t secure, but can be useful where anchors cannot work. For instance, horizontal lifeline fall protection is better for wider roofs, like warehouses.

Do Metal Roofs Need More Care?

Yes, they do. Metal roofing is durable and evergreen, but it’s also fairly slippery. Even if you’re working on flat shingles, the risk of a fatal fall is never zero. This makes them prime candidates for fall arrest systems.


At the end of the day, any safety measures you take to prevent injury should be implemented. It’s important to remember that your health is paramount. If you’re working on a roof, make sure you have metal roof fall protection in place.