Timber retaining walls

When adding new features or structures to your property, sticking to convention can sometimes pay off. Timber retaining walls and border fencing remains a popular choice of investment among property owners. But is it worth it? Here are some arguments in favor of timber.

  • Fantastic Appearance

A large portion of what makes timber installations appealing lies their traditional, somewhat rustic appearance. Their warm, earthy aesthetics makes them an easy choice for property owners that favors simple yet sophisticated looks for their fencing.

Wooden fencing is available in a wide array of styles and textures to the point where buyers are practically spoiled for choice. Either way, the choice of finish alone is what gives timber-fenced land its value.

  • Sturdy Build

Investing in the right property design is a high-stakes undertaking. When making informed decisions, you need to balance great looks with performance. In terms of border fencing, few options offer as seamless a mix of both as wood-based fencing installations. That is another thing why they’re always in such immense demand everywhere.

As a security measure, timber fences Auckland offer a robust feature to investors thanks to their solid, sturdy nature. Aside from that, even decorative fences have the advantage of having a powerful presence that allows them to remain standing in anything from harsh weather to seismic events

Timber retaining walls

  • Lasting Performance

One area where wooden structures are perhaps less popular compared to plastic or metal has to do with deterioration. Wood is certainly robust and provides great visual results. But being an inherently organic building material, it is liable to other forms of damage like moisture or termite attacks.

With that in mind, many manufacturers offer their wooden construction materials with some added features made to improve longevity. A great example of this is treated timber.

Wood that is engineered or chemically treated with preservation techniques is far more resistant to being targeted by fungal or insect, and it also stands better against humidity. This is a great way to use recycled wood as an eco-friendly alternative to freshly harvested lumber.

Hard to Mess This Up

There are reasonable concerns associated with wooden fencing. But with so many companies offering affordable investment opportunities, getting high quality wood products is now easier than ever. And with everything we’ve discussed, adding a timber retaining wall is certainly great value for what it’s worth.

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