dilapidation report Melbourne

The construction of a new building close to your site has directly affected adjacent properties. There are many reasons that why construction effect nearby buildings, these may include poor structure of the building or age of an old building. So it is always very important to hire professionals to report you about effects of new buildings close to your site. The dilapidation report Melbourne  is there for providing you services in this regard. These reports are based on surveys that help owners and contractors of the building to know the actual position of the building that they have constructed.

The home inspections Melbourne are able to provide you complete survey reports about buildings and your residential home. There are different kind of inspection can be made by the team depends upon your own need and some of the inspection surveys are under:

Pre-construction inspection of your home or building

This kind of inspection survey will provide you complete analysis of the existing position of your building that include images proof of the structure of the property. This kind of survey will help to prepare comprehensive report on the structural position of the building by examining actual evidences. The dilapidation survey reports will help the building owners and contractors to know the actual weaknesses of your building. In this way they are able to know the actual damage that has caused due to construction activity near to your actual site.

Post construction inspection of your building and home

The report is similar to pre-construction inspection that includes images as the proof of your inspection and with the help of these images owners and contractors can identify the actual damage caused by this new construction. This kind of survey report will help in determining the actual position of the building that includes structure of the building and the position of timber. The damage may be done to an extent but the claim with this survey report is an attempt to receive higher compensation.

Construction activities and their effects

The construction of buildings and homes may cause high level of vibration, excavation and demolition depends upon the level of construction. The construction activity also depends upon the actual structural condition of the building. The vibration and excavation effects are deeper if there is small distance between the buildings. These survey reports not only provide documentary evidence but also provide protection to building owners from unfair demands from the contractors.